Top 10 Misunderstood Road Rules in NSW

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Top 10 Misunderstood Road Rules in NSW

Top 10 misunderstood road rules in Sydney NSW

Top 10 misunderstood road rules in Sydney NSW, aiming to unravel complexities and provide clarity on these regulations. Understanding these rules is not just about compliance; it’s about fostering safer roads for everyone on the journey. So, let’s uncover these road rules and pave the way for easier and safer travel in the beautiful state of NSW. At Go Driving Training School we provide quality driving practice to become a safe and skilled driver.

Turning Left at Traffic Lights

Many drivers are puzzled about turning left at traffic lights. It’s crucial to understand that unless there’s a sign prohibiting it, you can turn left at a red light after coming to a complete stop and ensuring it’s safe to proceed. This rule applies when turning from a one-way street into another one-way street.


Roundabouts often cause confusion. The rule is simple: give way to the right. When approaching a roundabout, yield to any vehicle already in it and wait your turn. Always signal your exit to inform other drivers of your intentions.

Mobile Phone Use

Using a mobile phone while driving can result in hefty fines and penalties. It’s illegal to use a handheld device unless you have a hands-free system. Always pull over in a safe location if you need to make a call or send a text.

Keeping Left on Multi-Lane Roads

On roads with multiple lanes, it’s essential to keep left unless overtaking. The right lane is designated for overtaking slower vehicles. Once you’ve overtaken, return to the left lane to maintain a smooth flow of traffic.

School Zones

School zones have specific speed limits and operational hours. It’s crucial to adhere to the designated speed limit during the specified times, even if school is not in session. Failing to do so can result in fines and demerit points.

Giving Way to Pedestrians

Pedestrians have the right of way at marked and unmarked crossings. Always be vigilant and stop for pedestrians, ensuring a safe distance before proceeding. Remember, pedestrians have vulnerable road users, and their safety should be a top priority.


Making a U-turn is permissible unless there’s a sign prohibiting it. However, ensure that it’s safe to execute a U-turn, and you have a clear view of oncoming traffic in both directions.

Yellow Traffic Lights

A yellow traffic light means you must stop if it’s safe to do so. It doesn’t mean to speed up to beat the red light. If it’s not safe to stop, proceed cautiously through the intersection.

Merging Lanes

Understanding how to merge seamlessly is crucial for traffic flow. Zipper merging, where vehicles take turns to merge when lanes reduce, is the preferred method. Be courteous and allow one vehicle from each lane to merge alternately.

Seatbelt Usage

Wearing seatbelts is mandatory for all occupants in a vehicle. Ensure that everyone is buckled up before starting the journey. It’s a simple yet effective safety measure.

Mastering the road rules in NSW is vital for safe and stress-free driving. By dispelling the misconceptions surrounding these top 10 misunderstood rules, you’ll contribute to a safer road environment for yourself and fellow road users. Always stay informed and drive responsibly to make the roads a better place for everyone.

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