Pre Test Assessment

Getting ready for your Australian driver’s license? At GoDriving Training School, we’ve got you covered with our special pre-test assessment, also known as a mock driving test. Wondering what that is? Well, it’s like a practice round before the real deal. During this session, you’ll go through a test that’s similar to the actual driving test, helping you get used to what’s coming your way.


Why do we do this? Simple – to make you feel more comfortable and confident about the driving test sydney, we know it can be a bit nerve-wracking, so we want you to be as prepared as possible. After the mock test, our instructors will go through your performance, point out any mistakes, and suggest improvements. This way, you can work on those areas and become a pro before your actual driving test.


Not feeling fully ready for the driving test? No worries! At GoDriving, we can get you test-ready in no time.


Nervous about the test itself? Don’t be. Our pre-test assessment is designed to help you overcome those jitters. We’ll simulate the real exam experience, using a test sheet similar to the one the assessor will use and driving in the same area as the test route.


Our regular driving lessons cover a wide range of driving situations, preparing you for various conditions. But we understand that exams can make even skilled drivers nervous. If you’ve done a pre-test assessment before, you’ll know what to expect, making you more confident on the road.


At Go Driving Training School, our certified and trained instructors will trained you according to test and provide you 1 hour driving lesson, focusing on key aspects to help you pass your test, loan the car to you to complete the test, and then drop you home after the test.


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