Learner Drivers

Learner Drivers

If you’re 16 or over, you can apply for a learner driver license. Follow these steps to get your Ls.


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To get your NSW learner driver license, you must


Be 16 or over


Prove your identity


Pass an eyesight test


Pass the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT).


The Driver Knowledge Test is a computer-based test held at service centres around NSW.


Everything you need to know before you take the test is in the Road User Handbook. Make sure you study the handbook and know the rules.


You can use our free practice tests launch to get familiar with the test questions.


Learner Driver Log Book


You’ll be given a paper log book to use to record your supervised driving experience while you’re on your learner licence.


You can also choose to use a log book app, if you prefer.


Learner driver rules


Like other drivers, learners must follow the NSW road rules. There are also some special conditions that apply to learner drivers.


These conditions are designed to keep you safe while you’re building your driving skills and experience.

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